E.A.T. Initiative


We all have to E.A.T.

Empowerment, Awareness, and Training (E.A.T) Initiative - Healthy Cooking Demonstrations & Workshops for Children, Families, Wellness Centers, Schools and more! 

E.A.T. promotes healthy & easy meal preparation for people living at or below poverty by facilitating Wellness Classes and Meal Preparation Trainings with a focus on helping marginalized people located in food deserts. 

120K people in Pittsburgh live at 200% of poverty and over half are people of color.

Poor people suffer from not having access to fresh food; and if they do have access to it, many suffer from not knowing how to prepare it in the most nutritious and cost effective ways for their families. E.A.T. strives to create alliances and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations to turn this around. Demonstrating that food can be healthy, flavorful and simple to prepare is important in promoting healthy lifestyles in disinvested communities - ensuring that the food system in Pittsburgh is inclusive. 

Email info@eminenthospitality.com for more information on the E.A.T. Initiative including event bookings (Demos, Workshops, Trainings, etc.) or to discuss potential Partnerships, Event Sponsorships & Collaborations.